Time to Cruise

This weekend, Tim and I will be going on our week long cruise with Monat to Bermuda! I am so excited for yet another adventure to embark on and of course, to have some time to relax with my favourite travel buddy. Read More…

Forever Fitness

One of the things about having a birthday is the inevitable realization that another year has come and gone and you’re another year older. When I had my birthday this year (on April 12 at Disney!!), I reflected on the fact that there are fitness goals I want to make for this upcoming year. With…


This past weekend while Tim and I were in South Carolina, we had the privilege of speaking to a group of Monat team members about what it means to set goals, CRUSH goals… Read More

Kid Approved Carrot Cauliflower Muffins

I love finding ways to sneak healthy fruits and veggies into my kid’s meals. My kids are pretty good eaters and if I tell them to at least try something, they usually will. But when it comes to things like raw carrots, my boys complain about how long it takes for them to chew or…

Records, Regrets and Resolutions

I’ve always loved the New Year.  You get to think about all of your successes, your failures and the things you want to improve on moving forward. I know you can stop and reflect at any time of the year, on any day, but there is something so intentional about the new year.

This Abundant Life

Never in a million years did I think that I would be here. Not. in. a. Million. Years. Yet somehow, here I am, working my dream job, travelling the world,  soaking up the best days with my amazing husband and three beautiful children….Read More