Gratitude With A Twist

Last Thursday I held an event called Gratitude With A Twist with a new friend of mine, Juanita Shay. Juanita Shay is the author of a book called “One Million Gratitudes Exchange Movement”. I was so inspired by her book and her desire to see the world transformed into a better place that after I…

New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year!! I hope your holidays and time with family was amazing, I know our holidays were! It’s hard for me to believe that almost an entire year ago I started this blog. I remember that one of my first blog posts was about my new years resolutions for last year. I love looking…

5 Habits of a Successful Business Owner: Number 4

Determination is defined as “firmness of purpose”. In a business, every successful entrepreneur needs to have determination because then you are centred around a vision or purpose. There must be reasons why you do the things you do otherwise you run the risk of losing focus and forgetting why you started a business in the…

5 Habits of a Successful Business Owner: Number 3

This past weekend, we celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada. I love this time of year because it just gives me so much to think about and reflect on while also getting time to spend with family and enjoy the beauty of life. I am so thankful for my family and for so many things that we…

Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Check out my blogging answers and find out more about some blogs I love to read!

Time to Cruise

This weekend, Tim and I will be going on our week long cruise with Monat to Bermuda! I am so excited for yet another adventure to embark on and of course, to have some time to relax with my favourite travel buddy. Read More…

Freedom that Lasts

Let me start off with a question for you: where does your freedom come from?  Does your freedom come when you have the ability to buy what you want when you want? I believe freedom can look differently for everyone…Read More


This past weekend while Tim and I were in South Carolina, we had the privilege of speaking to a group of Monat team members about what it means to set goals, CRUSH goals… Read More

Finishing Our Dream Home

Years ago, Tim and I lived in a townhouse in Halifax with Logan when he was a baby. We loved dreaming up our ideal home and promised that one day we would live in it. When we decided to move out of the townhouse, we designed and built our dream house. At the time, we…

Records, Regrets and Resolutions

I’ve always loved the New Year.  You get to think about all of your successes, your failures and the things you want to improve on moving forward. I know you can stop and reflect at any time of the year, on any day, but there is something so intentional about the new year.